Lec00 Intro to Course (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

An introduction to a series of Linux Lectures

Lec01 Setting-up Linux Environment (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session deals with setting up your Linux work environment using some virtualization tool (Sun Virtual Box) and how to set up a shared folder on your host machine and how to access it on your guest machine using shared folder concept.

Lec02 Intro to Linux Environment (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session covers a basic intro to history of Linux, its distributions, shells, internal and external commands, root file system, getting help in Linux and the use of man pages

Lec03 Basic Shell Commands-I (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session covers some basic shell commands like pwd, whoami, ls, passwd, sudo, mkdir, rmdir, touch, cat, more, less, head, tail, cp, mv, rm, type, help, alias, unalias, cal, date, shutdown

Lec04 Basic Shell Commands-II (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session is continuation of previous session, and covers some more shell commands like wc, sort, uniq, grep, cut, paste, comm, cmp, diff, whereas, which, locate, find, tar, gzip, gunzip

Lec05 Linux vim Editor (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session demonstrate the use of Linux vim editor

Lec06 Bash Shell Revisited (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the types of Linux shell, internal and external commands, non-interactive mode, major features of bash shell, shell wild cards and shell expansion. Last but not the least it explains the working of a shell using a flow chart

Lec07 Process Management (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the pictorial difference between a program file and a process. Executable file formats like elf. Running a process in back ground, suspending it and switching to foreground and background. Basic commands related to process management like ps, fg, bg, top, vmstat, free etc

Lec08 IO Redirection (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the concept of I/O Redirection in UNIX. The input, output and error redirection are described separately and in combination. The explanation involves the concept of PPFDT with redirection. Lastly touches the concept of copy descriptor and its usage