Lec027 Time Management (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture starts with an introduction to Real time and Process time. Gives an overview of UNIX epoch, Linux hardware and system clocks. How to configure Linux Time Zones and Locales.

Lec028 Managing Services using systemd (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture starts with an introduction to Linux system daemon. Gives an overview of to systemd unit files, specially Target Unit Files and Service Unit Files. Shell commands to manage services using systemctl. Finally writing/running a basic service of your own

Lec029 Linux Log Files (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture deals with Introduction to Linux Log files, talk about some special log files like btmp, wtmp and utmp. An introduction to rsyslog daemon, how to configure rsyslogd and creating and testing our own log messages. Finally talk about rotating the Log files

Lec030 Booting Process (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the Linux Booting Process in detail by dividing it into five phases: BIOS / UEFI Initialization, Master Boot Record, Boot Loader, Kernel Initialization, init or systemd Process