This is a continuity of previous session and starts with the concept of git branches. Creating, renaming, deleting and comparing branches. Overview of merging branches. The concept of fast forward and real merge. Handling merge conflicts. Concept of remote repositories and creating one on bitbucket. Pushing a local repo to bitbucket. Cloning an existing repo from bitbucketemail:

Email: Example Codes:

One thought on “Lec07 Versioning Systems git-II (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

  1. Sir , Your sessions are amazing. Sir I am Sima and I am having one doubt. I have cloned my friend’s repository in my local machine and modified the programs and committed it on my local git repository but when i tried pushing it to the friend’s remote repository. It asked for the id and password. Here I gave id and password of my bitbucket account but it failed. So to bring the changes in my friend’s repository do I need his bitbucket id and password???
    Then how open community can modify and help if we do not share our credentials.
    Please help Sir!

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