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Dr. Muhammad Arif Butt
Assistant Professor,
Punjab University College of Information Technology
University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam (New) Campus, Lahore, Pakistan.
YouTube Channel:
Office Telephone: +92-(0)42-111-923-923 Extension: 133
Cell. Phone: +92-(0)321-4456454

(Updated: March 25, 2021)


Dr. Muhammad Arif Butt is an Assistant Professor at the Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT), University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore, Pakistan. He received his MSc and MPhil degrees both with a Gold Medal from PUCIT, University of the Punjab. Also, he received Ph.D. in Computer Science from the same University. His research focuses on applying fuzzy inference models in operating, embedded, and cloud based systems/services, where decision making is involved under imprecise and vague parameters. His teaching interests are embedded/real time operating system, system programming, and system modeling. His management and teaching experience spans over 30 years in various set ups of Pakistan Army and at University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He is a detail-oriented, multi-tasker with strong organizational skills, is a tactful team player, thrive within group environment and enjoys a pleasant personality.

Academic Qualifications

Examinations Institutions Year Division
PhD (CS) University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan 2019 1st
MPhil (CS) University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan 2009 1st (Gold Medal)
MSc (CS) University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan 2005 1st (Gold Medal)
Graduation Pakistan Military Academy Kakul 1989 1st
Intermediate Govt. Science College Lahore 1986 1st
Matriculation Don BosCo High School Lahore 1985 1st

Experience / Employment History

2020 – to date Assistant Professor – Punjab University College of Information Technology. University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan
2018 – 2020 Worked as Incharge/Principal Punjab University College of Information Technology. University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan
2008 – 2018 Assistant Professor – Punjab University College of Information Technology. University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan
2005 – 2008 Lecturer – Punjab University College of Information Technology. University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan
2002 – 2005 Project Manager Star Solutionz Lahore Pakistan
2000 – 2002 Project Manager Gates College of Computer Science & Software Engineering Lahore
1989 – 2000 Served at different field staff and instructional appointments in Pakistan Army

Awards / Achievements

    • Achieved gold medal in MPhil (Computer Science) from Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
    • Achieved gold medal in MSc (Computer Science) from Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
    • Ranked among top five best teachers (student evaluation) throughout the teaching carrier at Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of the Punjab
    • Over 150 highly ranked/viewed video lectures on six different subjects available on YouTube channel
    • During the stay in uniform, have the honor to serve in the snowy mountains of Kashmir and Siachin
    • During the stay in uniform, served as instructor at School of Infantry & Tactics Quetta, Pakistan

Research & Publications


      1. A. Butt (2010), Taxonomy of IDS: Intrusion Detection using System Call Sequence, Pearson Education, USA, ISBN: 3639294092

Journal Articles

      1. M. Akram, G. Ali, A. Butt, and J. C. R. Alcantud, “Novel MCGDM Analysis under m-Polar Fuzzy Soft Expert Sets”, Neural Computing and Applications, vol. Pre-press, no. Pre-press, pp. 1-24, 2021 (I.F 4.774, W Category)
      2. G. Shahzadi, G. Muhiuddin, A. Butt, and A. Ashraf, “Hamacher Interactive Hybrid Weighted Averaging Operators under Fermatean Fuzzy Numbers”, Journal of Mathematics, vol. 2021, pp. 1-17, 2021 (I.F 0.712, Y Category)
      3. A. Ashraf and M. A. Butt, “Extension of TOPSIS Method under Single-Valued Neutrosophic N-Soft Environment”, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, vol. 41, pp. 286-303, 2021 (Y category)
      4. N. Tahir, M. Asif, S. Ahmad, M. Sheraz, A. Malik, H. Aljuaid, A. Butt, and M. Rehman“FNG-IE: an improved graph-based method for keyword extraction from scholarly big-data”, PeerJ Computer Science vol. pre-press, pp. 1-24, 2021 (I.F 3.091, W Category)
      5. M. Akram, G. Shahzadi, A. Butt and F. Karaaslan, “A hybrid decision making method based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy soft Information”, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, vol. Pre-press, no. Prepress, pp. 1-16, 2021 (I.F 1.851, W Category)
      6. A. Sohail, K. Shahzad, P. D. Dominic, A. Butt, M. Arif and M. I. Tariq, “On Computing the Suitability of Non-Human Resources for Business Process Analysis”, Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 67, no. 1, 2021 (I.F 4.89, W Category)
      7. S. Habib, S. Wardat, A. Butt, M. Akram, F. Smarandache, “A Neutrosophic Clinical Decision-making System for Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Analysis”, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, vol. 39, no. 5, pp. 7807-7829, 2020 (1.851 W Category)
      8. A. Butt and M. Akram, “A new intuitionistic fuzzy rule-based decision-making system for an operating system process scheduler”, SpringerPlus, vol.5, no. 1, pp. 1-17, 2016 (1.78 IF)
      9. A. Butt and M. Akram, “A novel fuzzy decision-making system for CPU scheduling algorithm”, Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 27, no. 7, pp. 1927-1939, 2016 (I.F. 4.774, W Category)
      10. M. Akram, S. Shahzad, A. Butt, and A. Khaliq, “Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Control for Heater Fans”, Mathematics in Computer Science, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 367-378, 2013 (I.F. 0.76, Y Category)

Supervised/Under Supervision Projects/Thesis

PhD Candidates under Supervision

  1. PHDCSF16M005 – Muhammad Saad, Adaptive Heterogeneous Resource Allocation of Containerized Infrastructure

Graduate (MPhil) Thesis under Supervision

  1. MSCSF19M015 – Zarafshan Ajmal, A Survey on By-passing x86-64 Buffer Over Flow Mitigation Techniques
  2. MSCSF19M024 – Muhammad Ali Tariq, Fuzzification of Virtualized Resources in Cloud computing
  3. MSCSF06M005 – Muhammad Saleem Raza, Applying Fuzzy Decision-Making Models in Memory Management of Operating Systems

Undergraduate (BS/MSc) Thesis/Projects under Supervision

  1. Huzaifa Khalid, Qurat-ul-Ain, “An In-depth Discussion on Stack Smashing via Buffer Overflow: Bypassing Mitigation Techniques on ARM, MIPS, x86-64”. 2020-21
  2. Amina Saif, Hadia Shafiq, “Elxion of Network Analysis, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Exploitation”. 2020-21
  3. Najam-ul-Saqib, GraphQL in Scope: “An In-Depth Approach on How GraphQL APIs Can Be Exploited”. 2020-2021

Graduate (MPhil) Thesis Supervised

  1. MSGSF16M013 – Muhammad Mubeen Maroof, “Fuzzy GIS Based Impart of Climate Charge on AgricultureDrought”
  2. MSGSF17M011– Muhammad Nasir, “Assessment of urban Gentrification in engulfed villages of Lahore using GIS: A Case study of Gohawa Village”

Undergraduate (BS/MSc) Thesis/Projects Supervised

  1. Najam-ud-Din, Abdul Hanan, Muhammad Harris, Muteeb Ahmed, “Silk OS: A Linux Distribution”, June, 2020.
  2. Sami Masood, Maryam Saif, Ahtisham, Komal Shahzadi, Samam Raza, “A survey on Open Source Teaching Operating System and Linux Loadable Kernel Modules”, June 2020.
  3. Ayesha Amer, Sameen Mehtab, Raveeha Kamran, Zain Rizwan, Zeeshan Tariq, “Survey and Exploitation of Computer System Vulnerabilities and By-passing Buffer Overflow”, June 2020
  4. Talha Hanif, Faisal, Jahanzeb Khan, “IOT Based Irrigation and Fertilization system with Decision Support”, June 2019
  5. Muhammad Anas, Hamza Habib, Mutasim, Zain-ul-Abidin, Syed Uzair, “Fuzzified Vision Based Real Time Embedded Entrance Control System”, June 2019
  6. Waqas, Nabeela, Nabeel, Umer, “Teachers Book, A mobile App”, June 2018
  7. Adeel, Waqar, Farooq, “A Survey on Network and Web Security Infrastructures, Vulnerabilities and Intrusion Detection System”, June 2018
  8. Sana, Tehreem, Mariam, “PUCIT: IOT Based Smart Campus with Andorid Control”, June 2018
  9. Muhammad Mohsin, Anas, Abdullah Waheed, “The Virtual Guardian”, June 2018
  10. Asab Bashir, Ayaz Khalid, Haider Ali, Abdul Rehman, Adil Farhan, “Design of Campus Versioning System (CVS)”, June 2017
  11. Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Danish, “Accessing and Enhancing IT Infrastructure of an Organization”, June 2017


National Level

Interviewing panel of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Pakistan Subject Specialist
Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Government of the Punjab IT Advisor

University Level

Member Selection Board – University of the Punjab Lahore Subject Specialist
Board of Faculty of Science Member Academic Council Member
PU Convocation Committee Member
Chief Security Officer All Campuses

College Level

Incharge/Principal – PUCIT
Departmental Doctoral Program Committee (DDPC) Member
Departmental Tenure Review Committee (DTRC) Member
Departmental Purchase Committee Chairman
Board of Studies Member
Program Team for Self-Assessment Report (QEC) Chairman
Financial Aid Committee Member
Disciplinary Committee Chairman
Graduate Admission Committee Chairman
Undergraduate Admission Committee Chairman
Degree Coordinator (Computer Science)
Unfair Means Committee Member
Domain Head Operating System and Computer Architecture Chairman
College Council Member
Sports Society Chairman
Security Committee – PUCIT Old Campus Chairman
Dress Code Committee Chairman