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Operating System

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Embedded System

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Computer Architecture

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Digital Systems / Digital Logic Design

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x86 Emulation

  • QEMU – A fast and popular x86 platform and CPU

x86 Assembly Language

PC Hardware Programming

Android References

  • Android source code cross-reference.
    It’s very useful for quickly finding the right place in the source code where a function is defined or used. It cross-references both the user-space code and the kernel code, so remember to navigate to the right version of the kernel before search.
  • Instructions for setting up your Android emulator environment for the class.
  • Downloading the Android SDK. To run the emulator, you do not need the entire SDK. Just download the “SDK Tools Only” distribution for your platform and then install the appropriate Android platform version and device image using the included android tool.
  • How to build an Android kernel. From the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
  • Android Emulator command line reference.
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