Dear students, I will not be able to take today's lecture. Please go through Video Lec11 Design and Code of UNIX more utility. I have coded the first four versions of the program, and have discussed total of nine. If you understand the first four versions, the remaining versions will be piece of cake for you. This is your second assignment. Every version will give you 10 mks, and a total of 90 mks for completing all the nine versions. As per the assignment submission protocol you need to upload all the versions of the assignment on your bitbucket account. Please don't forget to add me and your TAs as team members. The dead line for the last commit is midnight Sunday, 24 March 2018. You should be ready for a quiz in the first lecture of next week. The contents of quiz will be from the sessions of stack, heap and design and code of more utility. Good Luck and Happy Learning