Lec18 Disk Formatting (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the basic functionalities that a basic file system should offer. Will compare different file systems like ext2/3/4, reiserfs, hpfs, minix, ntfs, vfat, xfs and zfs. Use tools like mkfs, mke2fs, mkntfs, mkfs.fat, mkfs.minix to put a file system on a partition

Lec19 File System Mounting (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the concept of file system mounting, and discuss different related configuration files. Covers different related commands like mount, umount, lsblk, blkid. Also touch upon maintaining integrity of file system using commands like fsck, e2fsck, fsck.fat, fsck.nfs

Lec20 File System Architecture (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes the schematic view of a standard UNIX file system by describing the contents of boot block super block, inode block, and data blocks. It describes what actually happens behind the curtain when a user creates, accesses and deletes a file and how Linux keep track of opened files by a

Lec21 Hard and Soft Links (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session describes how the system creates hard and soft links and how they are managed by the system

Lec022 File Permissions (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture deals with standard file permissions. How to change them using symbolic and octal way. It also describes with default permissions and the use of umask

Lec023 Special File Permissions (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture deals with special file permissions. Saved SUID bit on files, Saved SGID bit on files and directories, Sticky bit on files and directories.

Lec024 Access Control Lists (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This session deals with security on files using Access Control List. Discusses Discretionary Access control and Mendatory Access control. How ACLs can be set on files. Also talk about default ACLs or ACLs on directories

Lec025 Device Files (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture starts with an introduction to seven File Types in Linux, gives a bird’s eye view of device files. Describes the contents of /dev directory. Describes Major and minor numbers and shows how you can create your own device files. Finally discusses important /dev/ directory files like zero, null, full, random, urandom and ttys

Lec026 Terminal Attributes (Arif Butt @ PUCIT)

This lecture gives an overview of Terminal Devices by giving a comparison between disk and terminal files. Talks about attributes of terminal driver and how can we examine current attributes and change attributes using stty command. Finally give an overview of Canonical and Non-canonical mode of terminal drivers.